Tuesday, March 10, 2015


CarillionAmey (CA) - Service Improvement

Our customers can now contact the CarillionAmey Occupancy Services team via fax on 0151 728 1001 as well as via phone call to the Helpdesk on 0800 707 6000 option 3 and via email at occupancyservices@carillionamey.co.uk.

CarillionAmey Facebook

From Monday 30th March, CarillionAmey are updating the way they use Facebook in order to provide useful information to our customers who 'like' our Facebook page. Going forward the CarillionAmey page will be used to increase our customers' knowledge of the service.  The CarillionAmey Social Media Manager will be able to provide information and signpost customers, so that they can learn to use our service more effectively.  However, comments will no longer be visible to all, just the Social Media Manager. CarillionAmey want to encourage our social media users to continue to make suggestions or request information that may be useful for everyone in their Facebook community, in turn this will help us to develop content that addresses the most frequently asked questions.

The CarillionAmey Facebook page was never intended to be used for raising jobs, compliments or complaints.  If you need to raise a job, record a compliment, lodge a complaint or need advice on a housing issue you should always contact the CarillionAmey Helpdesk on 0800 707 6000 or pop into your Local Customer Service Centre.