Friday, October 16, 2015



Heyman Woodworth are leaders in the recruitment of ex-forces directors, management and specialist professional staff.

We were founded in the late 1990s when the armed forces faced a post-cold war drawdown. In the commercial world there was a sense that officers, although potentially strong confident leaders, would not fit easily into non-military roles.

Most of our commissioned officer candidates are university educated with a broad spectrum of degrees including civil engineering, economics and geology. Their careers have involved risk analysis and mitigation, project management, logistics and many have strong language skills.

Most of our candidates spend six to eight years in the forces during which they gain effective leadership and management skills but are young enough to dovetail easily into the commercial world.

Examples of feedback: we like them because they make things happen; they are confident in dealing with all stakeholders at board or shop floor level; they are as comfortable being team leaders as team members.

We used to only take on commissioned officers but recognised the wealth of talent amongst the technical senior non-commissioned officers leaving the forces. Individuals with practical experience of managing projects in a wide variety of disciplines including communications, health and safety, civil construction and associated compliance and testing.

We have a close consultative relationship with clients. Job specifications list technical requirements and experience but rarely touch on the underlying issues to be addressed or the soft skills required. We aim to submit no more than three candidates, each of whom have been thoroughly researched, interviewed and assessed before they reach you, the client, saving time and money by reducing internal HR processes.

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