Tuesday, November 10, 2015


As many of you will be aware the responsibility for commissioning the 0-5 Healthy Child Service was transferred from the NHS to local authorities last month as part of the Health and Care Act 2012. North Yorkshire County Council is committed to ensuring this service continues to be delivered in the most effective and efficient way to meet the needs of families. The County Council is now seeking views on the current and future delivery of the service and will be consulting widely through briefings, surveys and engagement events from now up until 30th November.  Your views are important to enable the County Council to ensure it gets the best and right service in place for local families and we hope you will take part and share any view you may have.

If you have views you want to share or wider networks you feel may wish to share views I have attached an overview of the service and a stakeholder briefing which will provide more information and also contains  links to the survey and a booking form link for the stakeholder engagement events.   You can also find each of the links below;  www.northyorks.gov.uk/healthychildsurvey

Please also look out for content and further information on the NYCC website and social media feeds.

Thank you in advance for taking part or sharing amongst wider networks also apologies if you receive the invite multiple times,  we are attempting to engage with a wide range of stakeholders and to do so need to cast the net as wide as possible which will inevitably mean some duplication.  If you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.